Staffing Services

Globit Solutions a main focus has always been excellence in IT staffing— providing the right technical resources for your projects, when and how you need them.
Globita has built a reputation with IT managers and executives for delivering resources both qualified and suitable for the job. Our recruiting methodology enables us to match skills, experience and aptitudes while ensuring a cultural fit. Globita delivers talent across the entire spectrum of staffing and project requirements. Our scalable
enterprise recruiting model and infrastructure combine to meet your just-in-time resource requirements.
With Globita Solutions Reach, Globita becomes a 1 stop shop for your Staffing Needs. Globita can provide USA staffing services and international staffing services for .

UK, India, and Australia through RPO service offerings We can deliver:

  • a single resource.
  • an individual project manager – or a project manager with a team.
  • a team of consultants with your project management.

Contract Staffing :

  • Choose to get specific skills for a specific time frame at an agreed upon rate.
  • Hiring people to match at reasonable rates is a tough call and that is where Globita Staffing come in. Bridging that gap between such organizations and the right people is our organization. Our quality customized solutions ensure that you get to hire and retain employees for the most relevant timeframes. Moreover, our solutions ensure that you reduce costs on hiring/training and operations, enabling you to continue focus on your business areas.
  • Our team of Contract staffing experts assist by,Bulk Resourcing to match company requirements.
  • Creation and maintenance of backend resource pool
  • Management of seasonal/flexi-workforce
  • Providing hassle-free conversion from contract to perm, if the need arises
  • For Employees: Satisfactory Payroll process, PF and ESI facilitation, Exclusive MediClaim & Personal Accident Insurance coverage, Employee self-service portal, full email and telephonic support and Form 16 by end of the financial year.
  • Though the services are for Contract staffing, we ensure that our solutions are permanent. A scientific method for recruitment is thus put into practice. Our process begins by understanding the company’s workforce requirements, sourcing, and screening, interviewing and recruiting Contract staff. Our solutions give companies the ease and leverage to work more effectively with their team. Based on terms and conditions, it is also made much easier for clients to hire, work with and retain/remove Contract employee teams.

Permanent Hire :

  • Choose to get a valuable, technically qualified resource for your full time in house need.
  • The dynamics of permanent recruitments are quite unique, and the role of Globita Staffing comes in right at the beginning. We help our clients with not just an extensive database to source resource from, but also the most apt strategies and new-age practices for selection. We also help in streamlining the recruitment process in a manner that gets organizations the maximum results in the minimal time frames. The other distinctive area of Permanent recruitment where our role becomes most prominent includes
  • Offer quality services and technology-driven solutions.
  • Improved recruitment processes customized as per clientele
    Effective and superior delivery system.
  • Quick turnaround time

Contract to Hire/ Right to Hire :

  • Choose to get a technically qualified candidate for a specific time frame at a specific rate and have an option to hire him/her after or during the contract duration.

Vendor Management Systems :

Globita supports a vendor neutral approach to Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) technology. We encourage clients to separate the technology selection from the supply base selection. In this way both choices are independent of one another and enable the selection process to identify and source “best-in-class” for both sides of this equation.

Benefits :

  • Talented, skilled and qualified professional software Consultants with wide range of skills
  • Reduction in Cost of Hiring
  • Reduced time to hire due to in house consultant and streamlined/developed sourcing channel
  • Validated selection systems thus able to produce high quality consultant
  • Technically qualified recruiters thus able to screen the best candidates
    Global Delivery Model

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