Globita solutions are very flexible in their approach to development of prototypes in order to suit client’s needs to the greatest extent possible.

Businesses today face pressures from numerous fronts. Globalization is spreading aspects of business geographically apart. Industries are converging and new ones are created simultaneously. Buyer driven economy faces unpredictable demand and shorter product and service life cycles are imposing challenges to keep pace with accelerating markets. It is clear that for organizations to grow they have to do many acts of business differently to cope up with new changes in business environment.

Businesses require agility to respond in the marketplace. Information technology solutions empower them with such agility. However, there is tremendous pressure to reduce time and cost of acquiring technical resources. Companies are welcoming workforce solutions as they enable timely and cost-effective hiring of required resource base without having to get into long-term risk or liability.We bring extensive experience and agility in finding the right consultants for your specific project requirements.Our recruitment team works closely with our clients to understand their project, resource needs, and priorities to fulfill the requirement with the right match in minimum elapse time. Our resource-base is strengthened via annual recruitment drive in India, Philippines and a consistent search for talented professionals within US, Canada, Australia, Globita understands the flexibility required to meet your short and long term IT objectives and accordingly propose

Software development outsourcing:

  • Entirely clickable, offering complete insight into all user journeys which require fulfilling by the application.
  • Resources according to your project requirements- a project manager or a consultant or an entire team.
  • A dedicated team of consultants for onsite software development on project-based engagement.

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